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Thoughts as Storms Film Poster


Award Winner "Best Dance/Music Film" - New York Short Film Festival

Award Winner "Best Dance Film" - The Midnight Film Festival


“Thoughts as Storms” is a short dance film with original score by award winning composer Johnny Philipps, that examines the effects of the pandemic on human relationships. Part 1 looks at the psychological toll on two people as a result of the pandemic. Forced into isolation, the sense of being trapped, physically, mentally and emotionally, lead us to unnatural forms of communication and disembodied forms of connection. Part 2 looks at the fragility of human life and our connection to the delicate state of our environment, that we know could so easily be tipped out of balance.

Directed & Choreographed by Nicole Philippidis
Original Score by Johnny Philipps

Production & Editing Nicole Philippidis
Featuring Ross Daniel, Eric Parra, Elisa Schreiber, Emily Tellier

Created with financial support from the Harkness Foundation for Dance

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