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“Thoughts As Storms” is a short film in two parts that examines the effects of a major disruptive event on human relationships and the environment. Part 1 looks at the psychological toll on two people as a result of the pandemic. Forced into isolation, the sense of being trapped, physically, mentally and emotionally, lead us to unnatural forms of communication and disembodied forms of connection. Part 2 looks at the fragility of human life and the delicate state of the environment that we know could so easily be tipped out of balance. The setting moves through nature, as the characters lose their connection and seek to find it again.

Directed & Choreographed by Nicole Philippidis
Original Score by Johnny Philipps

Production & Editing Nicole Philippidis
Featuring Ross Daniel, Eric Parra, Elisa Schreiber, Emily Tellier

Created with financial support from the Harkness Foundation for Dance

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